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These workshops build the knowledge, skills and confidence of participants to facilitate effective and high impact training sessions using the Bridges of Hope Training kit.   
Participants first experience the training tools and activities as participants, then practice using them in simulations with other participants, then try using them in ‘Real Life Training Practice’ sessions in their local community.
The workshops are tailored to specific needs, issues and context of participants and their organisation.

Facilitator Certification & Accreditation
Participants who demonstrate commitment and competence in applying what they have learnt may be awarded:

Examples and Testimonials
See this video showing various practice sessions during Bridges of Hope Facilitator Training Workshops.

Co-ordinated a program to supply 1,000 Bridges of Hope kits and train Master Trainers and Peer Educators from universities, businesses, prisons and communities throughout South Africa to make most effective use of the kits.  See Evaluative Review report.
  • Participants has fun and games while at the same time undergoing life-changing experiences - Dawne Jackson, Wellness Co-ordinator, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, South Africa
  • I have been in this field for over 10 years and this I regard as the best of all the training in the market. It is practical and very implementable. The trainees were so eager to put what they learned into practice - Oageng Moiloa, Health & Wellness Officer, Eskom
  • Bridges of Hope is user friendly and can be adapted to any life situation or setting and can be used at any level within the organisation.  It has been a life changing experience - Linda Peter, Manager Employee Wellness Services, Road Accident Fund
  • The fantastic Bridges of Hope Training Programme - Professor David Dickinson, Department of Sociology, Wits University, South Africa
Created a Standard Bank Group tailored Bridges of Hope Wellness and HIV-related toolkit and ran training programs in 14 different African countries for staff Peer Educators (Wellness Champions) to use the toolkit both at their workplace and in their communities.
This programme won:
Zambia LPCB (Local Partners Capacity Building)
With Zambia LPCB (Local Partners Capacity Building) tailored the Bridges of Hope kit and trained people from 18 partner organizations to use the materials.
  • There is absolutely no way that can describe how amazing the Bridges of Hope tool is and the changes it has made and is still making in a lot of people’s lives. The activities are very participatory and can be used in so many ways.  They can break down very complicated explanations to convey a message to participants in a way that is clear and unforgettable - Prosperine Zulu, Anti AIDS Association, Zambia
  • The illiterate are not exposed by the activities.  They can participate fully without anyone knowing they are illiterate - Zukiswa Lobola, Bridges of Hope Master Trainer
Pollsmoor Prison, Department of Correctional Services,
South Africa

A collage created from magazine cuttings by a Pollsmoor Prison inmate reflecting his desired future identity (inspired by the Bridges of Hope activity:  The person you want to be.
  • When you tell people theoretically it never has a real impact, but when you do things practically, people really get it - Mabebe Maubane, Bridges of Hope Master Trainer

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