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Topics and Issues addressed
We create innovative, tailored participatory training kits to address health, wellness and development issues including:
  1. HIV Combination Prevention
  2. Treatment Adherence
  3. Positive Living & Stigma
  4. VMMC Demand Creation (Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision)
  5. TB
  6. PPTCT (Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV)
  7. MNCH (Maternal, Newborn and Child Health)
  8. Malaria
  9. Ebola
  10. Alcohol and Drugs
  11. Financial Wellness
  12. Other bespoke toolkits, adapted and tailored for specific issues, contexts and groups (e.g. Youth / Faith  Based Organisations / Men)

To create a really effective tailored participatory training kit, we work closely with your team in a process as follows:
  1. Build an in-depth understanding of the target groups, their context, needs and issues, and the desired health and development outcomes for the programme.  
  2. Create a pilot package of fun, engaging training activities and materials, tailored for the specific issues, needs and context.
  3. Pre-test the pilot kit.
  4. Refine and improve the final version of the kit based on experiences and feedback from the pre-test.
  5. Train Facilitators and Master Trainers to roll out the programme, supply materials as required.
  6. Provide ongoing support as/when required to maximise impact of the programme roll out.

Examples and Testimonials
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Working with a highly experienced team from TCDC in 2015, developed a comprehensive ‘Safari ya Mafanikio’ (Journey of Success) Community Resource Kit to be used by Community Change Agents throughout Tanzania.  This includes 12 modules covering HIV prevention, HTC, Treatment adherence, VMMC, TB, Malaria, Family planning, Most Vulnerable Children, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH), stigma and support. 
Facilitated a pre-test / Master Trainers training workshop in Dar es Salaam, (featured in the video) then refined final version.  Initially 2500 kits (in Swahili) have been produced for roll out.
Liberia – Bridges of Hope for Ebola-Free Communities
Working with a team from HC3 Liberia Ebola Programme in 2014/2015, created an Ebola-related participatory training package for low literacy communities titled Bridges of Hope for Ebola-Free Communities.
Faith Based kit to increase Increase Male Involvement in Prevention of Parent to Child HIV Transmission
Working with Tearfund and their partners from different churches in nine African countries, developed and trained Master Trainers to use “Guardians of our children’s health: Activities for church and community groups to involve men and women in preventing parent-to-child transmission of HIV.”
First Edition: 2009
Second Edition: (revised and updated, in English and French): 2013
Educate one million
Adapted and tailored Bridges of Hope activities and trained Master Trainers for the Standard Chartered Bank Living with HIV -Educate one million by 2010 programme, which exceeded its target and won the Global Business Coalition (GBCHealth) Community Investment Award.
Prevention with Positives
Worked with BONEPWA (Botswana Network for People Living with HIV) and AED to adapt and develop a Prevention with Positives Bridges of Hope package specifically for use by support groups.  100 Peer Educators from 50 support groups throughout Botswana trained to use the materials.
The Bridges of Hope Training methodology goes much further than just educating people about HIV and AIDS – it enables participants to really address their issues and change their behaviour, so they stay healthy and achieve their goals and dreams in life.  Mr. Labouchere and his Bridges of Hope programme have the skills and capacity to make a dramatic difference to the lives of individuals (including those living with HIV) and their communities.
Lisa Jamu, Technical Adviser, Botswana
VMMC Mobilisers Toolkit for Demand Generation
Developed a VMMC Mobilizers Toolkit for engaging men and motivating them to access Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision services.
CareWorks Community Mobilisers throughout South Africa were trained and used the toolkit in schools, clinics, businesses, taxi ranks, train and bus stations, markets & shopping centres, on the street, with youth groups, and in door-to-door outreach. Their written feedback from an evaluative review included:
  • It’s a wonderful and a user friendly kit.
  • It has been so successful.   It made people understand the main aim of VMMC.   This toolkit created an image of what VMMC is really about.
  • The impact is very good because the toolkit opens the people’s minds. It makes my work in the field easy.
  • In areas such as shopping malls, in street corners the toolkit has been very useful in attracting the passer-bys attention and getting them to participate and give time to listen to what we have to give or say.
Statements from CareWorks Community Mobilizers in a review survey
Malawi Bridge Project
Working with the Malawi BRIDGE Project, developed first the generic Hope Kit, and subsequently more specifically targeted supplementary kits titled Have a Healthy Baby and Bambo Wachitzanzo (Responsible, Wise, Caring Man).  Trained Master Trainers to use and train others throughout the country to use these kits.
The monthly figures recorded by Mulanje Hospital ANC for the number of pregnant women agreeing to test for HIV as part of the PMTCT programme increased by over 300% within 2 months.  This correlated precisely with the introduction of the Hope Kit to the clinic and training of their counsellors to use the kit effectively.  There are no other factors or variables evident which could account for such a dramatic change.
Josephine Mkandawire,  Malawi Bridge Project Programme Manager
Financial Wellness
A new participatory package has been designed to guide people in their personal quest for financial wellbeing.
Activities are engaging, and challenge delegates to:
  • Discover the power of their relationship with money
  • Understand the dynamics of money personality
  • Develop realistic optimism
  • Make a plan with budgeting basics and disciplines to defeat Debt
It is offered as either :
  • A full day workshop to train Peer Educators / Facilitators to use it.
  • A half-day workshop for groups of participants, facilitated by a Bridges of Hope Master Trainer
Wellness Champions at Table Bay Hotel, Cape Town (Sun International) were trained to use the Financial Wellness module as a follow on to the generic Bridges of Hope Peer Educator Training and Certification they had undergone six months previously.

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